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I (Matt) visited the choir rehearsal last Thursday as they prepped for their first Sunday with us on the platform. It was a great chance to encourage and hopefully inspire as we embark on the 8 month journey that is a Choir season at APC.

As staff leaders we are continually praying and preparing for each of the teams that are a part of CreativeAPC to have effective ministry through preparation both spiritually and practically. No matter how long we’ve been serving in the same role, there is always room for us to improve on both fronts.

So I put together this list of questions specifically for our choir led by Natalie Stewart that I felt would be at least a good starting place for each of us to see where we can grow in the effectiveness for our ministry. I hope you’ll be able to translate it to your context and see the potential you have to step up your game too:

  • Will you set aside the time necessary to personally prepare the songs you sing with excellence?
  • Will you pray for the community you belong to; including other choir members, your leader Natalie and your church family?
  • Will you do your best to deepen your relationship with God, surrendering fresh areas of your life to Him?
  • Will you handle any disappointment, correction, disagreement or misunderstanding biblically with grace and love, in honour, preferring one another and as far as it depends upon you living at peace with each other?
  • Will you be attentive and accountable for the times and responsibilities you have agreed to as a member of the choir (see your handbook for some of these if you’re not sure!)?
  • Will you stoke the fire of your own perseverance even six and seven months from now so your level of commitment will not waiver?
  • Will you decide to be outgoing and free with encouragement and support, expecting the best from your team members?
  • Will you do your very best, even though it’s nearly impossible, to out-smile your leader, Natalie?
Well then I promise you, from my past experience, this will be a season of effective ministry. Whether you are helping lead our congregation in a simple chorus or you are singing a challenging choir piece - your commitment to effective ministry will give God the space to make a difference. And as long as you demonstrate effective ministry as a team, God will continue to use the APC choir to make a difference. 
Looking forward to a fantastic season with all of our teams!


This is what Christmas looks like to us so far.

Patrick Watson - from a live NPR concert. Loved the rear projection onto three translucent screens that added a lot of depth to the stage, really simple. Not sure what fabric they stretched over the frames.

Thanks to our friend James MacKnight for sharing this idea with us!

We use Pinterest to collect and share cool stage design ideas with our volunteer stage design team. Feel free to follow us there!

A quick review before some bgv overdubs. #APCLive

Ok, I know, I know, I know, I’m not the Technical Director at APC. dioticsound (Jeff Muir) should posting about lighting not me - oh well.

In this week’s podcast the crew talks to the LD (Lighting Director ) from Church On The Move, in Tulsa OK. He gives great insight about 

  • Stage lighting
  • Lighting theory
  • Broadcast
  • Being true to the culture of your church

All in all it’s a great listen if you’re involved in tech art at your church or a volunteer at our church!

A binder showed up today from someone in our church family who helped out on the music teams in 1994. Pretty cool to see the “chorus” list from that era.

Reviewing raw tracks and prepping for overdubs on our first live recording. It’s moving even to listen back to these untouched tracks and remember moments together as a church family!

Real cool video with amazing video production on screen.

A quick behind the scenes on how we use ProPresenter to run announcement slides and videos during our offering time.

It’s that time of the year.

It’s that time of the year.